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David Morrison, EdD 

Educational Psychologist, License LEP3175

Director of Educational and Academic Services

Dr. David Morrison is a licensed Educational Psychologist who has over 30 years of experience working with children and young adults with developmental disabilities.  He is Chair and Professor for the department of Counseling /School Psychology at Azusa Pacific University.  He has a doctorate in Educational Psychology with a post doctorate specialization in Clinical Neuropsychology.  He has been actively involved in educational research for the past 30 years. His research interests are in the area of disability and higher education. In addition to his faculty duties at APU, he is the Executive Director of College Connect. Dr. Morrison presents at international, national as well as state and local conferences. 


Christopher Morrison, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist PSY29585

Director of Clinical Services
Dr. Christopher Morrison is a clinical psychologist who received his PsyD at Azusa Pacific University.  He completed his APA accredited internship at Florida Atlantic University and post-doctoral experience at Mount Saint Mary’s University providing student mental health services. He currently serves as the clinical director for College Connect. He has provided therapy at educational, inpatient, outpatient, and in-home settings. His practice has specialized in collegiate mental health services and acute crisis intervention. He has supervised masters and doctoral level clinicians and currently teaches graduate courses at Azusa Pacific University. His current research focus concerns mental health and dual diagnosis related to developmental disabilities.

Jeanette Cabrera, PsyD

Director of Programs

Dr. Jeanette Cabrera received her PsyD at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Applied Clinical Psychology. She received internship and post-doctoral training at Mount Saint Mary’s University Counseling Center in where she provided mental health services. Dr. Cabrera is bilingual with extensive experience in applied behavior analysis in the area of developmental disabilities. She currently serves as the senior vice president for College Connect. In her capacity as senior vice president, she conducts new hire interviews, training and supervision. In addition, she acts as liaison with our campuses and community. She reviews new student intakes and community outreach events, and communicates with our partnering Regional Centers. 

Jianne Gonzales, BS

Office Administrator 

Jianne Gonzales received her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health at California State University, Los Angeles. She is the office administrator at College Connect where she provides support to the executive leadership team and program support staff while managing the day-to-day workflow and various projects. Jianne has experience in the health and medical services field, providing administrative support for non-profit, private, and public health organizations. She plans to receive her Master’s Degree in Public Administration to undertake positions that involve structuring, planning, and implementing public policies to serve the vulnerable and underserved communities.  


Deja Duong, BA

Assistant Regional Manager

Deja Duong received her Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies with a Concentration in Human Development from the University of La Verne. Deja is currently working towards her Master’s Degree in Educational Counseling and Pupil Personnel Service Credential. Deja has 12 years of experience working with children, youth, and families in the educational and behavioral field. She has worked with students with autism, emotional disturbance, down syndrome, and learning disabilities. She is currently the Assistant Regional Manager, where she provides oversight to individual and group sessions, and empowers students academically and socio-emotionally. 


Selena Pasillas, BA

Campus Lead, Rio Hondo College

Selena Pasillas earned her Associate’s Degree in Psychology at Citrus College and transferred to California State University, Los Angeles in where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Selena serves as a student facilitator with College Connect in where she has used her own college experiences to help provide academic and social-emotional support to the students. Selena hopes to continue coaching students to help them grow and reach their academic goals so that they can be prepared for life after college.

Araceli Larios, BA

Campus Lead, Citrus College/ Azusa Pacific University

Araceli Larios earned her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Araceli has several years of experience serving at-risk students. Araceli’s hope is to promote holistic useful skills that enhance student academic/occupational success, increase opportunities, and overall greater life satisfaction. Araceli optimistically believes that every member of this society has value, worth and potential to be successful in their own unique way that meets their needs, values and passions. 

Megan Genna, BA

Campus Lead, Mt. San Antonio College/ Cal Poly Pomona

Megan Genna earned her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Megan works as a student facilitator with College Connect where she provides students with resources- whether they be academic or social-emotional. Previous to her time at College Connect, Megan worked as an Older Youth Leader in Azusa, holding various workshops; including applying for scholarships, FAFSA and workforce readiness, directed towards high school seniors. Megan's passion is to help students achieve their highest potential. 



Chelhsy Garcia, BA

Student Facilitator

Chelhsy Garcia earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at University of California, Riverside. Chelhsy has three years of experience providing behavioral services with site based clinics and in-home services. Chelhsy serves as a student facilitator with College Connect, where she works closely with our students to support them in achieving their optimal level of experience, both academically and personally. Chelhsy believes that supporting college students in all aspects of life in an optimistic and valuable way can create a positive experience for our students’ life. 

Cindy Medina, BA

Student Facilitator

Cindy Medina earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at University of California, Santa Cruz. Cindy is working towards her Master’s Degree in Marital and Family Therapy. Cindy has experience working with children, youth and families in support groups and naturalistic settings. Cindy works as a Student Facilitator with College Connect, where she uplifts students who are navigating their way through college. Cindy strives to help students reach their goals, whether it be academically or socially. 


Betteena Marco, BA

Student Facilitator

Betteena Marco earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of California, Riverside. Currently, she is working towards her Master’s in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from California Southern University. She has previously worked in child development research and inpatient settings with at-risk individuals. Through her experience with underserved populations, she became aware of the various internal and external factors that can limit an individual’s social, academic, and vocational growth. Betteena believes that with the right resources, opportunities, and sufficient guidance any individual can accomplish their goals and lead enriched lives.

Dazmine Sam

Student Facilitator

Dazmine Sam is earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at California State University, Long Beach. Dazmine has experience working with elementary students as a volunteer assistant at various schools and is planning to attend graduate school to become a school psychologist. Dazmine is a Student Facilitator with College Connect in where she works with other Facilitators to build executive functioning skills and provide academic, social-emotional, and occupational support for each college student. Dazmine makes every effort to positively impact each student.

Shane Dela Cruz

Student Facilitator

Shane Dela Cruz earned his Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from California State University,

Los Angeles. Shane strongly believes in the power of education as he was part of the Scholars

of California and served as a music mentor for elementary school kids. While in university,

Shane has always used the arts and the principles of psychology to create moving art pieces

and comprehensive academic research. He has also worked with a non-profit to conceptualize

and conduct confidential psychological research. Shane serves as a Student Facilitator with

College Connect to support and help students develop skills that they will utilize during and after

their time in college.

Salina Francis

Student Facilitator

Salina earned her Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from California State University, Pomona. Salina has several years experience working with students and children who are at risk within the educational domain. Salina has a passion for helping others and is working as a student facilitator where she assists students in developing social, personal and academic skills and strategies to meet their educational goals. Salina believes that support in different areas of life can make a difference in the overall health and well being in a students life and in doing so, help them reach their greatest potential.

Jennifer Soto

Student Facilitator

Jennifer graduated from California State University, Los Angeles with a Bachelor's Degree in Public Health and interest in pre-medicine/psychology. In the past, Jennifer has worked as a tutor for K-12th grade, volunteered to help the community and has worked as a CNA with medically fragile children. Jennifer wants to pursue a Master's Degrees to continue working with children and adolescents as someone they can turn to for advice. Jennifer believes that every student here at College Connect can find what they are truly passionate about in life and with our strong support by their side they can continue to remain confident that they will reach their end goal.