Support Redefined

Created by college professors, educational and clinical psychologists, College Connect is an evidence-informed response to the growing need for support services after high school.


Students with disabilities are being represented in greater numbers on college campuses and although resources exist, disabled students who typically struggle with social isolation need to advocate for themselves for the first time.

We believe in “life beyond the aide.”


College Connect provides ongoing support by developing social

emotional skills, academic and educational strategies for success and independence.


Development of these skills will later translate into future “real world” occupational success.

We also believe in “life after school.”


We know that students who are mentored, nurtured and supported have greater opportunity to transition into positive and fulfilling adult lives.

As a vendored agency with Regional Center, we prioritize active collaboration with each campus disability office. We provided clinical expertise directly on the college campus to enhance student academic success and overall wellbeing.

You need to be a Regional Center client to qualify for services.


The College Connect professional team is always available for consultation for high school students in transition planning.   

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