What is College Connect?

College Connect is an evidence-informed program for students with disabilities to enhance independence, promote academic success and create opportunities for meaningful social and emotional relationships. College professors, educational and clinical psychologists collaboratively created College Connect as a response to the growing need for support services after high school.

How does it work?

College Connect is a skills building program that focuses on increasing academic success, fostering social relationships and building the students independence. College Connect is not a passive program in where services are done for the student. Our team, and students are actively committed to a partnership with student services, the college campus and the greater community.

What are the services that students receive?

College Connect has been developed to support students in all areas of the college experience. Our team provides ongoing support by developing social-emotional skills, academic and educational strategies for success and independence. Development of these skills will later translate into future “real world” occupational success. Services include individual counseling, groups, campus observations, academic support and family contact.

What is the difference between College Connect and the college’s existing resources or other Regional Center vendored services?

College Connect does not duplicate resources that are already in place at the college. We partner with student services to provide individualized support for students to help them achieve academic success. We believe in life beyond the aide, meaning we provide services outside of the academic classroom that requires students to participate in all aspects of the program. Students will learn to initiate, plan and advocate for themselves while creating meaningful friendships and building a community of peers.

Is College Connect a tutoring program?

While College Connect does not provide traditional tutoring we deliver targeted educational strategies to improve academic performance resulting in higher grades and classroom confidence.

How is College Connect Funded?

College Connect is 100% funded through Regional Centers. There is no direct cost to the family or college. College Connect does request limited space to meet with students on campus.