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Thank you for your interest in College Connect to help your student achieve their academic and vocational goals.

At College Connect, we understand the excitement and apprehension of watching your student become an adult. You have been the primary support for your student through advocacy and guidance in their growth and development and we appreciate all you have done and continue to do!


College Connect is a program that understands the significant family change life after high school creates. Redefining how you support your student with the help of experts in the field can make this formative time feel much less ambiguous and fearful. College Connect is managed by doctors in the fields of education and clinical psychology along with a team of masters and bachelor level professionals that are here to help your student connect with others and explore what is possible. College Connect takes away the uncertainty of how to create goals, navigate college, find careers, and develop new relationships as young adults. Student success has been identified as earning degree's and certificates, transferring to four-year universities, gainful employment and volunteerism and developing meaningful relationships with peers. 


We have supported many families who also began the program feeling unsure about what is next to watching their student become confident and independent young adults.  College Connect will be your student's personal guide to take manageable risks to accomplish their goals. You do not need to attempt the next chapter alone. What makes College Connect unique is that we exclusively provide services and specialize in transitioning young adults.

For more information, please reach out to your student's service coordinator, or you can reach out to us directly here.

In the meantime, please check out our monthly newsletter to see what is happening at College Connect.  

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