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College Connect is the place to find everything and everyone you need to make life after high school the most exciting and awesome time of your life 

"College Connect is a support program for students with developmental disabilities to achieve goals, promote academic and occupational success and create meaningful relationships. 

The College Connect approach was developed by college professors, educational, and clinical psychologists to provide the optimal tools and community for young adults. College Connect actively promotes a positive culture surrounding the development of social emotional skills, academic and educational strategies for success and the pursuit of personal goals. As a vendored agency with Regional Center, we prioritize an active collaboration with students and their families to develop a unique plan for each students personal ambitions. All services take place directly on the college campus and surrounding community. 

College Connect has supported many students in defining their goals and achieving success. These have included transfers to four-year universities, earning degrees and certificates, gaining internship experiences, and employment. At College Connect, we believe that supportive relationships combined with expertise creates a fun and exciting culture of discovery and success. 

How is College Connect Structured?

Success is not an accident. It is having a solid plan with proven methods to teach skills with a team that is expertly trained. 

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Individual Coaching 

Each student is assigned a College Connect Student Coach. They conduct weekly individual coaching sessions for the purpose of tailoring services to meet you where you are. 

Individual sessions are directly connected to observation. Individual sessions provides an opportunity to focus on cognitive restructuring, scripting/shaping, modeling and rehearsal of adaptive behaviors. Sessions are focused on applied strategies that are specifically developed to build social and academic competencies. 

Coaches are here to encourage, guide, and structure goals and create a solid strategy specific to each student. 

Group Support: Weekly Group Sessions

One of the best parts of being in College Connect is being able to talk and engage with like-minded students just like you. Join in discussions to support one another in your personal journey and learn from others who have been through college and work experiences.


Additionally, College Connect provides custom lessons designed to enhance your learning and skills to meet your goals.  


Examples of Group Topics

  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, needs and preferences

  • Develop decision making skills

  • Identify personal rights and responsibilities

  • Goal setting

  • Anticipate consequences

  • Enhancing creativity in problem solving

  • Developing communication skills

  • Access resources and support

  • Develop negotiation skills

  • Getting to know your college

  • Learning styles

  • Behavior management

  • Stress management

  • Procrastination and priorities

Outcome Assessment Activity

Activities are a set of tasks that aim to demonstrate acquired skills and application that is reviewed and taught in group.

Activities also serve as a means to collect feedback from our students as to the effectiveness of group programing.  

Clinical Observation

Observation is real time feedback. This is College Connects way to give feedback to skills you are developing on the campus and community.

Observation is our way to intentionally make sure progress is being made in the areas you want to improve. 

Professor: Academic Contact

As guides to the college experience, College Connect will help you navigate the various resources, departments, and important dates you need remember and utilize in order to get the most out of your campus experience. We will provided guidance on how to communicate with campus staff and how to best navigate campus and community resources. 

Family Support 

College Connect offers ongoing updates, tips, and collaboration with each students family. Families play a critical role in the students’ life as an active participant in managing their educational plans. Family support can help keep you motivated when discouraged and wanting to give up. Families have open access to the College Connect team. 

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